Opal Ring

Opal rings have been famous throughout history for their amazing display of colors and brilliant patterns. Many cultures in the ancient world regarded them as luxurious charms of fortune and good tidings. Even to this day, opal rings are highly desired for their unique beauty and elegance. This kind of jewelry is perfect for gifts since each opal is natural, rare, and unique. If you re looking for one, you re bound to be curious as to how to find the one that s perfect for your needs, budget, and tastes. Here are a few things to keep in mind in your quest for a perfect opal ring.

Finding the perfect opal ring depends on finding a high quality stone to use as the centerpiece. Opals are graded on four primary attributes: their patterns, colors, shape, and clarity.

Each opal ring has its own distinct patterns of swirling colors hidden within the stone and released when exposed to light. While the particular pattern that looks best to you is up to your own tastes, there is one thing that you should be looking for regardless, and that is brilliance. High quality opal rings will have patterns that are bold, brilliant, and beautiful. If the pattern seems weak, the ring will not be as good as it could be.

Many people feel that the more colors there are represented in an opal ring, the better the jewelry is. This is not necessarily true, however. Many of the best models only show two colors, but show them strongly. If the person you intend to buy the opal ring for has a favorite color, try to make sure that this is represented both richly and boldly.

The best opal rings have centerpieces which are dome shaped. This provides much more brilliance than a flat cut stone. Flat cuts are better used as inlays to accentuate the center of the ring than as the centerpiece themselves.

The clarity of an opal ring is absolutely crucial. Small sand particles often get stuck in opal stones, and if they are big enough they can mar the surface or interior of the stone. This will absolutely ruin the overall aesthetic of the ring, and detract from its value.

The perfect opal ring will also have a fantastic setting. The most popular choices for this are gold and white gold. This depends on the colors of the opal, so it must be decided on a case by case basis. As a general rule of thumb, offsetting the color of the band material with the color of the opal will draw more attention to the ring, helping it to stand out and be noticed. For instance, it s more common to see black opal rings with white gold.

In the end, finding the perfect opal ring is all about perseverance and knowledge. Knowing how to choose a high quality opal will get you most of the way there, but you still need to put forth the effort to discover it. Don t lose heart, and never settle for anything short of perfection!